What people are saying

Thank you for providing your Masterclass, I’ve learned so much watching through - it’s so satisfying to finally know how to realise the changes I want in a picture, a very very big thank you!

Till Oschmann

So happy I bought your presets Luke! They really are a game changer and have transformed how I look at my images, thank you!

Benjamin Harper

Even though I've been using lightroom for quite a time, there was a lot I learned from you, not only how to edit like you but to manage & be consistent. Love your work, thank you!

Johnny Sherchan

These presets have made me fall in love with photography again, so a really big thank you!

Sophie Davies

Hands down the best collection of presets I have used, they've really transformed my editing and the consistency in my work. Thank you!

Harry Robinson

Hi Luke, Thanks again for putting this course together. I have learned a ton about Lightroom because of you.

Bos Plaf

Awesome presets! Love the look they create, and there's something in the collection for every type of photo!

Emily Taylor

I just watched your masterclass and although I’ve been using Lightroom for a while now, I was able to learn a lot of new things, thank you so much!

Gabriel Ferrier

Thank you for creating such an excellent course - it's helped me gain a greater understanding of editing, giving me the confidence to share my work on social media. I couldn’t recommend enough!

Dean Whitehead

Why WithLuke?

Created by @withluke, these Lightroom Presets and Editing Tutorials are a culmination of years of visualising colour and careful tweaking to help you understand and achieve a unique and cinematic tonal balance in your images. Luke uses these presets and editing techniques on a daily basis, and this consistency has helped him to build a client portolio of leading brands around the world as well as grow his audience to over 1,200,000 followers on Instagram.

By giving you an insight into his own editing workflow, you will learn how to achieve dramatic and atmospheric storytelling through your photography. You will be taught the skills that you need to edit your photos in a consistent and original style, and this will give you the capability and confidence to produce this content yourself.

About Luke

Luke is a professional lifestyle and adventure photographer with a passion for creative storytelling through his images.  Born in the UK, he's spent the last five years travelling the world in search of some of the most unique environments to shoot, working alongside global brands including Adobe, American Express, Fjallraven, The North Face & Visit Greenland to name just a few. With the creative knowledge he has built up over the years he's looking to inspire you to go out and create beautiful artwork of your own.