About Luke

Luke is a worldwide photographer and storyteller specialising in travel and lifestyle photography and he regularly shares his adventures from around the globe on his Instagram - @withluke

He spends the majority of his time producing photographic and video content for leading brands across the globe, creating visual stories for the likes of Adobe, American Express, Aston Martin, Bowmore, Fjallraven & The North Face to name just a few.

These presets and editing tutorials are a culmination of years of visualising colour and careful tweaking to help you achieve an atmospheric tonal balance in your images. Luke uses these presets and editing techniques on a daily basis, and this consistency has helped him to build a client portolio of leading brands around the world as well as grow his audience to over 1,200,000 followers on Instagram.

By giving you an insight into his own workflow, you will learn how to achieve dramatic and cinematic storytelling through your photography. You will be taught the skills you need to edit your photos in a consistent, captivating style and this will give you the capability and confidence to produce this content yourself.